Making Your Neighbourhood a Safer Place for Everyone

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Throughout history, neighbourhood safety has been an on-and-off concern among typical communities. Nonetheless, neighbourhoods before have that close-knot feel that lacks in today’s neighbourhoods.

Whatever the reason may be, whether it is our new busier lifestyle or disinterested sense of attachment, we can all agree that we do not feel safe in most neighbourhoods here in the country.

Although statistics have shown a decrease in neighbourhood crimes over the years, it does not mean we can be complacent. Keep in mind that crime can always make its way no matter how safe your neighbourhood might appear to be.

We all want to live in a safe and secure neighbourhood. With that, here are some pointers to build a tight-knit and safe neighbourhood.

1. Be Friends with Your Neighbours

Being familiar with your neighbours is a win-win situation for everyone. When you volunteer your assistance in case of emergencies or if someone needs help, it might open the possibility of some neighbours reciprocating the same.

However, it can be tough to open this up since people are naturally wary and suspicious whenever someone is acting kind to them. However, it does not hurt to give it a try. Check if they are comfortable sharing their needs.

You can offer help for just about anything, like looking out for small children, picking groceries for an elderly couple next door, or watching over a pet. You also can plan activities together like starting a communal garden, going on walks together, or having a picnic once in a while.

It pays to be friends with your neighbours. After all, you live next to each other.

2. Create Neighbourhood Safety Efforts

It is useless going around complaining about how poor the overall safety of the neighbourhood is if you are not even making any effort on your part.

For starters, you can participate in any neighbourhood regular meeting and raise your concerns. If there is a neighbourhood watch group, consider joining them. Or if there is none yet, why not organise one? Having a neighbourhood watch offers much help to the community, whether solving a property crime or something more violent.

It is said that communities with neighbourhood watch programs experience a 16 to 26 percent decrease in crime rate compared to those communities that do not have one.

3. Mind Your Yard

Our yard is the last thing in mind when thinking about crimes. However, you should know that unkempt yards can encourage more and more neighbourhood crimes. How so, if you may ask?

The fact that there are overgrown weeds, tree branches, bushes, and shrubs offers enough hiding places for burglars and other criminals to execute their malevolent plans. Nonetheless, if you keep your yard cleaned, the foliage trimmed, and the grass lawn would make criminals think twice about perpetrating crime in your area as they might be easily spotted.

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4. Improve Street Lighting

Most often, burglars target neighbourhoods with lower residential density. We are talking about neighbourhoods with fewer houses and plenty of vacant lots. If that is the case around your neighbourhood, it is a significantly good investment to ensure all the streets are well.

But you do not just stop with quality streetlamps. Make Sure as well that your property is well-lit. You can install a porch light to keep the front facade of your house lighted during the night. A motion-detector light is also helpful for the back and the sides of your house to deter possible intruders.

5. Build a Good Rapport With the Local Police Force

Your local law enforcement is the primary government agency you have to work hand-in-hand to keep the neighbourhood safe and secure. Developing a high level of trust is important for both parties. Invite your local police force to community events. Learn more about them. Encourage an open dialogue to communicate clearly community concerns for a much safer and secure neighbourhood.

6. Install Home Security System

Turn to digital and tech solutions as well in keeping your home safe from intruders. Home security systems such as SMS Security offer an eye on your home 24/7, even when you are away. With an enhanced home security system, with all the IP surveillance cameras, alarms, and lighting, you gain peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and safe.

Apart from keeping your home safe from burglars, a home security system offers you convenience. Now, you no longer have to worry whether you have turned off the thermostat, switched off all the lights, or locked the front door. You can easily check that with any electronic device.

Do Not Be Complacent

The biggest factor in crime is complacency. When you get too comfortable where you live, you tend to assume nothing can go wrong. However, it does not hurt to take some precautionary measures to ensure everything and everyone stays safe and secured.

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