About Churchill Central

“The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward.”

– Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is one of the most celebrated world leaders in history. An accomplished statesman and author, Churchill had a legacy that involved overcoming tribulations and ushering in peace. 

Churchill Central aims to foster intelligent discussions about the former Prime Minister and help modern audiences find wisdom in his writings and actions. 

Our goal is to cultivate new appreciation for Churchill’s ideals and opinions, which may guide you in your everyday life.

A Rich Life

From his birth in 1874 to his death in 1965, Winston Churchill led a full and formidable life. Aside from ushering the United Kingdom through the darkness of World War II, he served in the British military and was an accomplished historian and writer. 

There’s plenty to unpack in Churchill’s life, from his complicated personal life to his lengthy political career. Over the years, Churchill has been portrayed extensively in popular culture, with varying accuracy. 

We shine new light to every aspect of this great man’s life and showcase his gravitas and accomplishments to a new generation of prospective leaders.

A By-Gone Era

Winston Churchill lived for over 90 years, seeing the reign of four different English monarchs in his lifetime. The world changed drastically in those years and there is so much to understand, appreciate and analyze. 

What was life like during the Blitz? How did Churchill’s rule affect the lives of people in the country? What fashions were in vogue throughout Churchill’s life? 

Our website explores all these facets to establish the context of Churchill’s words and deeds.

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