Introducing Your Kids to the Concept of Faith

child reading a bible
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When is the right time to teach your kids about faith? Are they ready for it? How do you know that they are ready to learn about the church? It’s always ideal to start them young. You will help instill in them the habit of praying and talking to God. Your role here as a parent is crucial. Your children will have many questions about the church and their faith. You must be prepared to answer all these questions, no matter how simple or complicated they may be.

Attend Church Regularly

Make it a family habit to attend church together. You can start introducing them to a church movement making disciples by attending mass services. Although it is hard to have your children in the pew with you, this is beneficial for them and the church. A religious institution like the church needs new blood. They need new disciples, so teaching your kids to go to church early will benefit the church in the future.

Your kids will learn a lot by seeing how you worship. If they get unruly, you can attend just a bit of the service then leave the faithful to enjoy the service in peace. But the important thing is for your kids to get used to the idea of going to church.

Read a Bible Written for Children

women reading bibleThey say that the Bible is the greatest love story ever written. It is filled with stories that kids will love. Make sure to get a Bible that’s written with the kids as an audience. These Bibles have colorful photos in them to make it easier for the parents to engage the kids to read. Tell stories about God and the birth of Jesus. Noah’s Ark will also be a great story to tell your kids. They’ll be interested in Jonah and the Whale and David and Goliath.

Role-play with Them

Do you know what another great way to have fun telling biblical stories with the kids is? Role-play these stories with them. They’ll remember the characters and lessons more if they act them out. You can also use their toys to tell the stories. That will make the stories more interesting to them.

Sing and Dance

There are also plenty of Christian songs for children to sing and dance to. Most of these songs have catchy lyrics and melodies. Blast a song from your speakers and dance to it. Make sure that it’s a happy one, of course. If your kids can learn the lyrics of Frozen’s “Let It Go,” they will surely fall in love with catchy Christian songs.

Pray Together

Finally, pray with your kids before going to bed and before meals. Pray with them before leaving the house or any time of the day. They should realize that they can talk to God anytime they want. Teach them how to pray. It’s not about asking Him for things they like. It’s about praising and asking for forgiveness.

After you introduced the church to them, make sure to maintain that interest. Be consistent with teaching them about God. Tell stories regularly and continue going to church. Always try to relate everyday things to God so that they will never lose sight of Him.

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