How Print Shops Find Their Customers

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As a print shop owner or manager, you’ve got those cool machines. They churn out posters, business cards, and flyers like there’s no tomorrow. But who’ll buy all that printed material? You should know how to find the right customers. Instead of being pushy and trying to sell to everyone, be friends with other businesses.

You shouldn’t sit around waiting for customers to knock on your door. One way to do this is by networking. Print shops go to events, trade shows, and meet-ups. That way, it’s possible to shake hands and swap business cards with people who might need their services.

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Also use the power of the internet to reel in customers. Create a slick website to showcase your work and what you can offer. Plus, be all over social media. Showcase your latest projects and drum up interest. Sometimes it’s all about good old-fashioned advertising. Consider placing ads in local newspapers and magazines. Consider sponsoring community events.

The goal is to get your name out there and let people know you’re open for business. You can also rely on word of mouth. That’s when happy customers tell their friends, family, and colleagues about the awesome job your shop did for them. It’s like free advertising, but even better because it comes with a glowing recommendation. If you want to see a real-world example, watch this video.

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