10 Businesses You Can Start Today

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Starting a business of your own is one of the greatest ways to free yourself from the traditional 9-5 workplace. If you’re learning how to elevate your business, or you’re interested in building a new brand, there are a few different industries to keep in mind. Understanding the ten businesses you can start today is a way for you to feel inspired and get focused as you invest in your new venture.

A Hair Salon

Discovering how to elevate your business is a must when you’re thinking of opening up a hair salon of your own. Whether you’ve always had dreams of becoming a hair specialist or working in cosmetology or if you have a knack for providing services to others, opening and running a successful hair salon requires more than the ability to cut and dye hair. In addition to becoming certified and licensed by a regulated cosmetology school or program, you’ll also need to learn how to go about marketing and promoting the salon you’re running, regardless of its size, location, and the type of hairstyles you specialize in.

Building a reputation as a hair stylist will require you to create a portfolio while you spread the word about your abilities and the services you intend to offer. You’ll also need to consider if you’ll be investing in a commercial space or even working out of your home, depending on your location and licensing or regulatory requirements currently in effect in your state or region. Developing a winning marketing strategy will also require you to think outside the box, especially if you’re working in an area that is rife with competition.

Building your reputation as a professional hairdresser will require you to take the time to promote yourself locally among other business owners and members of the community. Developing your online presence with the use of an official website to include your portfolio while also expanding online with social media can also help significantly in crafting a trustworthy and authoritative voice for yourself in the hairdressing community near you. The more active and involved you are with your online followers and presence, the easier it’ll be to guarantee work for yourself for years to come when you own and operate your own hair salon.

A Chimney Business

If you’re interested in learning how to elevate your business, you’ll need to not only understand the basics of chimney repair, but any regulatory requirements that are currently in effect when you intend to provide your services. When you’re opening a chimney business, you’ll need to do so once you’re fully trained, licensed, and certified to do so in a professional capacity. Opening your own chimney business will require you to take a bit of time to research local competitors while ensuring the crew you hire to assist you is fully insured, licensed, and certified to work alongside you as you represent clients and customers.

Promoting a chimney company may require you to utilize as many local resources as possible, especially when you’re starting out and looking to spread the word of your services. You’ll need to research local roofing companies and chimney providers that already exist near you to determine how you’ll help your business stand out from the rest. Traditional business directories, listings, promotions, mailers, and fliers can help with acquiring new customers and clients, especially if there is a need for chimney inspections and even repairs near you.

A Carpet Cleaning Business

Owning a carpet-cleaning business requires an understanding of your customer’s needs and how to go about reaching them, regardless of whether you’re providing a cleaning and remediation service to residential or commercial clients. When you want to know how to elevate your business, and you’re running a cleaning operation, you will need to better understand the demands of your local business or residential community at the time. Promoting a carpet-cleaning business can be done with the use of local listings, fliers, and even radio promotions.

It’s also possible to promote and elevate a carpet-cleaning business by running various ads and social media promotional campaigns online. Using social media platforms and even PPC, or pay-per-click, ad platforms, can go a long way in reaching a specific audience based on zip code, region, or even specific needs and interests a user has been looking for recently using popular search engines. The more targeted a campaign is, the easier it’ll be for you to succeed when you’re building a carpet-cleaning business from the ground up.

A Roofing Company

If you own a roofing company, and you’re looking to know more about how to elevate your business, you will need to research your local competitors. This is important if you’re new to roofing or if you’re inexperienced when it comes to building and managing a business entity as an entrepreneur or investor. If you’re in charge of local roofing contractors, you’ll need to understand how your competitors operate, the price points they promote, and the materials or manufacturers they represent before you’ll have a chance to truly succeed.

If you want your new roofing company to succeed, take some time to get to know more about the local roofing companies and contractors that are currently operating in your city or in the region you intend to promote your services. Immerse yourself in the process of searching for a roofer or a local roofing company by carrying out the search process locally and online. This will provide insight into the methods currently being used to build and promote roofing companies near you, which can help you differentiate your business once you’re ready to dive in.

A Boat Rental Business

Owning a boat rental business is a great way to go about reaching customers in your community as you get to work on or near the water each day. If you own a boat rental business or already have access to a nearby dock, you will need to know how to elevate your business to remain successful and in operation permanently. A boat rental service requires trust, especially as boats are some of the biggest investments residential and commercial clients are likely to make.

When you’re starting off new with a boat rental business, you’ll need to learn more about other local marinas that may be in competition with you. Researching your competition and diving head-first into the process will allow you to become more aware of the needs and demands in your community, especially when it comes to what’s missing with boat rental solutions in your region. The more immersed you are with local marinas and companies, the easier it’ll be for you to ensure ongoing success as you establish your boat rental business as trustworthy and authoritative.

A Cosmetics Company

Building your own cosmetics company is a way for you to expand into makeup, hair, and fashion, especially if you’re someone who is interested in creating a lifestyle brand of your own. If you want to get involved with cosmetics, and you’re learning how to elevate your business, consider working towards a degree in cosmetology. Obtaining a degree in cosmetology is not only a way for you to truly become educated about various processes, products, and methods used in the industry, but it’s also a way for you to do so while also ensuring credibility behind your name and the business you intend to build.

Establishing a brand-new cosmetics company is not easy, especially as the industry is saturated with plenty of competition globally. You will need to establish a website, social media presence, and even a local presence as you build your brand. Using local and online resources will help you maximize your reach.

A Wedding Dress Company

If you’ve always had a passion for fashion or helping with weddings, opening a wedding dress shop of your own is a way for you to help make the dreams of many women come true. If you already own a dress shop, and you’re looking for new customers, learning how to elevate your business begins at home and locally, although it’s also possible to expand your reach online. Connecting with members of your local community is one of the best ways to establish a reputation for a wedding dress or gown company, regardless of the size of your shop, its location, and the experience you have in the industry.

When locals feels as if they’re able to trust you are a provider or source, they’re more likely to stop in and give you a visit while offering you a chance to make a sale. Using traditional fliers, promotional materials, and even sponsoring local events can help you to spread the word about any wedding dress company or shop you own. You will also want to develop your brand with the use of social media, a high-quality logo, professional branding, and an official website to maximize your chance for success, regardless of where you intend to operate.

A Fence Building Business

If you specialize in building fences or fence contracting, and you’re interested in learning how to elevate your business, you might want to consider establishing yourself as an official business entity. Registering your fence contracting services as an official business entity is a way for you to not only expand your reach once you begin seeking clients, but it’s also a way for you to establish a professional appearance and reputation, regardless of where you’re located at the time. If you’re thinking of launching a fence-building business, you can do so by getting started with local and online marketing solutions.

Promoting a fence-building business is possible with the use of traditional search engines, localized SEO, or search engine optimization, as well as with social media. It’s also possible to build a portfolio with an official website to attract new clients as you build trust among members of your community. Promoting your services locally is also optimal when you offer fence services and repairs, especially if you live in a smaller town or in an area that is more rural in nature.

A Car Detailing Business

If you’re talented when it comes to car detailing or even dent repair, starting and building a business is one way to go about sustaining revenue for years to come. If you already own a car detailing business, but are looking for ways to expand your reach, you’ll need to learn how to elevate your business locally among members of your community and even online, especially with the use of social media. Depending on where you’re located, there are likely multiple options when promoting a car detailing business, both locally and online.

From traditional newspaper, television, and radio ads, to fliers and promotional mailers, you can promote a car detailing business using numerous local marketing methods. Visiting various events, sponsoring networking conferences, and even meeting others who work in the auto industry can also help significantly when you want to spread the word about the current types of services you have to offer. When you’re actively engaged with a local town or community, it’s also much easier to solidify consumer loyalty, even if you’re just getting started in the car detailing world.

A Locksmith Business

One business to consider starting today that will guarantee clients and ongoing customers includes a locksmith business. Opening and operating a locksmith business is a way for you to guarantee ongoing work, especially as you become insured, licensed, and certified as various types of locksmiths in the industry. Whether you’re more interested in offering emergency locksmith services to residents in your community or if you’re thinking of building a company of regional commercial locksmiths, creating a locksmith business is a surefire way to succeed when you want to start a new venture that guarantees income and ongoing revenue.

Learning how to elevate your business is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn as an entrepreneur, especially when you’re just getting started for the first time. The more immersed you become with the industry and/or market you represent, the easier it’ll be for you to succeed in the real world once you’re ready to open your doors or online storefront to the public. Whether you’re working as a local automotive detailing specialist or you’re a hair specialist, elevating your business is a must for the best chances of achieving success today.

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