Label Materials Small Business Owners Should Know

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Whether you are looking to package new products or want to rebrand existing items, a custom product label that best illustrates the standards and principles of your company is the perfect way to go. But with so many different materials, laminates, and finishes available on the market, finding the right option to suit your labeling needs can be overwhelming.

Selecting the right label materials to fit your packaging needs is vital to creating and showcasing your business brand in an eye-catching and memorable way. Labels convey crucial information regarding your business, the product itself, and other important information legally required to be present on certain items, further highlighting the importance of making a well-informed decision when selecting the ideal material for a small business owner.

White Paper

White paper labels are the most economical option for products that don’t experience contact with water or oil. The high-quality material contains bright white and opaque face stock, showcasing your label design clean and sophisticatedly.

White paper labels are ideal for disposable packaging, coffee bags, non-refrigerated food items, candle jars, bottles, and cans, among other products. Their simple design offers plenty of opportunities for customization, including matte laminate or a gloss finish to make it more personable to your brand.


TerraSkin is a unique label material created from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin. The result is an environmentally friendly, water-resistant, and highly durable paper product. Although this material will require either a plastic gloss finish or a matte laminate, its eco-friendly origin guarantees a small carbon footprint and reduces environmental impact.

TerraSkin labels are ideal for organic skincare, makeup, and bath products, as well as food packaging, pet products, home decor, and practically any other product you could think of. Their labeling potential is virtually endless.

White Vinyl

White Vinyl is one of the most durable label materials available on the market. It is waterproof, oil, weather, and chemical-resistant, and its thick and sturdy construction makes it easy to apply by machine or hand. Thanks to its strong adhesive and flexible quality, it is ideal for use on small or oddly shaped containers, including lip balms and vape cartridges.

White vinyl labels are most commonly used on household and industrial cleaning products, outdoor furniture and equipment, essential oil items, vape products, and beauty products.


Polyester labels come in various forms, including metalized polyester with a chrome or mirror-like finish to mimic stainless steel and clear or white polyester that can be used with matte or glossy surfaces.

Polyester labels can be used on items like pipes and control panels for indoor and outdoor purposes thanks to their dimensional constancy and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, they are commonly used for tool marking and on air-conditioning units. Their most popular form is constructed using permanent adhesive.

Destructible Vinyl

Destructible vinyl is specifically made so it cannot be peeled off of products in one solid piece, making it the ideal labeling solution for proprietary products that require security or tamper-proof labels.

The materials used to produce these labels will vary slightly based on the surfaces they are being applied to, but destructive vinyl seals are commonly used in food containers, pharmaceuticals, electronics, warranties, safety, and law enforcement labels.

Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled kraft paper is a dark brown unlaminated paper that offers unique character and texture and the bonus feature of being water-resistant. Traditionally used with 100% post-consumer content, this label material is a fantastic environmentally friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality or appearance.

Because it has a darker starting color, many printing experts recommend using bold and saturated colors on your label design to achieve the pop effect you are after. These labels are a popular choice for candles, coffee and tea packaging, non-perishable food items, organic toiletries, and cannabis products.

White Bopp/White Plastic

White Bopp labels, sometimes known as film labels, are made with a plastic film that is incredibly durable and very hard to rip or tear. The material is manufactured using Biaxially orientated polypropylene, a process that stretches the label in two different directions, increasing its reliable durability. These labels are easy to apply by hand or with machines, making them the ideal choice for small artisans and large manufacturers alike. Additionally, they have an extended low-temperature range, making them suitable for frozen food packaging.

These white film labels are particularly popular with oil, cosmetic, beverage, and drink products because they possess water, oil, and moisture-resistant properties. In addition, because they are harder to tear, labels cannot be easily damaged or destroyed.

Removable Plastic

Removable plastic labels are different from most other plastic labels because the adhesive used to manufacture them is much weaker in comparison, similar to that of a Post-it note. This manufacturing choice means labels and stickers can be easily removed from products without leaving behind an unwanted glue residue.

Additionally, they typically possess some waterproof and oil-resistant qualities, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of products. This label material is primarily used for promotional stickers, window and door installation labels, and oil change stickers, to name a few.

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