Here are the 10 ideological prompts that were given to determine where a person fell along the liberal conservative spectrum.  Some of these prompts are classic big government versus small government. Situations like government is almost always wasteful and inefficient, versus government often does a better job than people give it credit for.  But as you go further down the list you start to see prompts that are more about social issues like racial discrimination and whether or not homosexuality should be discouraged or accepted by society.

Americans are definitely divided on these issues but is it really the even split that we can see in this chart? Public opinion of gay marriage for example has consistently increased over the past decade across all age groups.  Even while the political parties have become more polarized.

According to this chart most Americans now believe that stricter environmental regulations are worth the cost.These are the same questions that the Pew Research Center has been asking since 1994.  And in many ways they do seem to reflect the platforms of the two parties. But do they reflect us?

Could it be possible that the divide in the country is not so much about the issues but about something that’s more connected to human behavior? In earlier decades, politics were not that big of a deal.  You could vote Republican one year and then flip and vote Democrat for the next election.

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